Sunday, August 17, 2008


sorry i haven't updated in so long....
i've been busy since school started! :)
but anyways, i got a really cute
idea from my aunt's blog!
think of a memory of me....
any memory at all!
i don't care if you've known me
your whole life
or two minutes!
just share a memory we've had together!
it can be funny, sad, happy, stupid, embarassing,
so comment on it.... this should be fun! :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

IcE bLoCkInG!!!!

last night i didn't have mutual...
so i went to traci's!
we went ice blocking in this park!!!
i hadn't done it yet, so traci's mom came
over to me and said "come on, syd!
let's go ice block!"
and i said: "but sister dell!
i can't! i have a problem...i'm allergic to ice!"
and she believed me!!!!!! :D
she got this bad look on her face and said:
"oh no! how you break out?"
and i just started laughing and said just kidding!
haha i love sister dell!!! <3
then we went back to traci's house and ate pizza!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wHaT tImE iS iT????

school's starting soon...
only four days left of summer!!!
this year is going to be sooo fun!!!
no more sevie for me! :)
so i FINALLY got my schedule today:
1 hour: elp social studies w/ bisanz
2 hour: elp english w/ martin
3 hour: choir w/ carpenter
4 hour: science w/ bottesch
5 hour: pre-algebra w/ ostroski
6 hour: reading w/ miller
i'm kinda bummed cuz i have p.e.
next semester so i don't get to scare dance!
haha its okay though!
it's gonna be a great year!!!

mOm MaDnEsS!!!!!

today i FINALLY got out of the house...
the first in almost TWO WEEKS!
i went shopping with my wonderful madre
at superstition springs!
then we went out to eat at olive garden...
then got our toes done!
it was sooo much fun!
i love my mom!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

uPdAtE oN tHrOaT...

my throat is ALMOST BETTER!!!!
this makes it the 12th day since my tonsils were out.
it doesn't even hurt that bad to swallow!
when i got the surgery on friday,
it was TERRIBLE!
i was throwing up, and on top of that,
my throat hurt sooo bad, i wanted to die.
after like six days, my throat stopped hurting terribly.
then the new terror came!
SCABS were forming in the BACK OF MY THROAT!
i could taste them...
and have you ever tasted a scab?
i don't recommend it!!!
and today, my scabs are GONE!
while i was sick, i ate a half gallon of ice cream!
and i had four jamba juices!
and that's about it! :)
last year, i missed 20 days of school because
i got strep so much.
it sucked!
i'll NEVER have STREP again!!!!
hooray for throat surgery!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

RaY rEuNiOn!!!!

go family!!! :D
a little bit ago, i went to a family reunion!!!
our family is HUGE!!!
i think there were 200-300 people there!!!
we all went to our cabin up in pine...
and it was a little cramped!
the cabin has 7 bedrooms,
which went to the older relatives.
the younger families (mine),
got to pitch tents outside!
the little kids slept in the loft,
the littler kids slept with their parents,
the teen boys slept under the stars,
the teen girls slept in the basement
and the return missionairies slept on the deck!!!
it was soo much fun!
i have the most AMAZING cousins EVER!!!
i love them all to DEATH!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TwO mOrE dAyS!!!!!

only two more days until
comes out!!!!!!!
i am soooo excited!!!!!!
i think that she'll end up with edward...
cuz it's edward!!!!!!
if jacob tries to plant a move on bella,
i will SERIOUSLY kill him!!!!!